Upcoming Meeting Agenda and Recent Meeting Minutes

Regular and Caucus meetings are held on Mondays. Agendas are published below late on the Friday afternoon before the meeting. Special meetings are scheduled as needed with notice sent to the media of record and posted at the city building at least twenty four hours in advance. Click to view the 2018 meeting schedule

Written minutes are the official record of a public meeting once they have been approved at a subsequent meeting. Once approved, minutes of the prior meeting will be posted below in a timely manner. If you are interested in researching minutes from a prior year, you will need to complete an Open Records Request Form. Requests are accepted via regular mail or hand delivery to Newport City Clerk, 998 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071 or via facsimile to 859.292.3669.

Next Meeting Agenda

The next meeting will be a regular meeting on Monday, January 22, 2018. The agenda is posted here

Agendas are typically finalized and posted on this page the Friday afternoon before the meeting.

Notice of any special meetings is sent to the media of record and posted at the city building at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting unless an emergency is declared.

Recent Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 2017 Meetings: 

January 23, 2017 (Regular) 
February 13 (Caucus)
February 27 (Regular)
March 13 (Caucus)
March 27 (Regular) 
April 10 (Caucus) 
April 24 (Regular) 
May 8 (Special Meeting and Caucus)
May 22 (Regular) 
June 12 (Special)
June 13 (Special)
June 19 (Regular)
July 24 (Regular) 
August 21 (Regular)
September 18 (Regular) 
October 2 (Caucus) 
October 4 (Special) 
October 5 (Special)
October 16 (Regular) 
November 6 (Caucus)
November 20 (Regular)
December 11 (Regular) (Pending Approval at the Next Regular Meeting)

Minutes from 2016 Meetings:

January 11 (Caucus)
January 25 (Regular) 
February 8 (Special and Caucus Meeting)
February 22 (Regular)
March 14 (Caucus)
March 28 (Regular)
April 11 (Special, Public Properties, and Caucus)
April 18 (Special)
April 25 (Regular) 
April 28 (Special)
May 9 (Caucus)
May 23 (Regular)
May 25 (Special)
June 1 (Special)
June 13 (Special)
June 20 (Regular)
June 21 (Special)
June 22 (Special)
July 8 (Special)
July 25 (Regular)
August 22 (Regular)
September 12 (Caucus)
Spetember 26 (Regular)
October 3 (Caucus and Special)
October 24 (Regular)
November 14 (Caucus)
November 28 (Regular)
December 12, 2016 (Regular)

Minutes from 2015 Meetings:

January 12 (Regular)
January 26 (Regular) 
February 9 (Caucus)
February 23 (Regular)
March 9 (Caucus)
March 23 (Regular) 
April 6 (Caucus) Due to scheduling conflicts this meeting was cancelled
April 20 (Regular)
May 4 (Caucus)
May 18 (Regular) 
June 15 (Regular) 
June 22 (Special) 
June 23 (Special) 
July 20 (Regular)
August 17 (Regular)  
August 24 (Special)  
August 25 (Special)  
September 14 (Special and Caucus)
September 28 (Regular)
October 5 (Caucus)
October 19 (Regular) 
October 28 (Special) 
October 29 (Special) 
November 9 (Caucus) Cancelled
Nobember 23 (Regular) 
December 14 (Regular)

Minutes from 2014 Meetings:

January 13 (Special)
January 13 (Caucus)
January 27 (Regular)
February 10 (Caucus)
February 24 (Regular)
March 24 (Regular)
April 21 (Regular)
May 5 (Caucus)
May 19 (Regular)
June 16 (Regular)
June 27 (Special)
July 21 (Regular) 
August 18 (Regular)
September 8 (Special and Caucus)
September 22 (Regular)
October 6 (Caucus)  
October 20 (Regular) 
November 17 (Regular)
December 1 (Special and Caucus)
December 11 (Special)
December 15 (Regular) 

Mayor Peluso recognizes a long time business owner with a plaque at a meeting

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